Finding Your Way Around

You see so much more of Kensington and Chelsea if you’re on a bike. Peaceful side roads, shops, museums, cafes. Just try exploring them when you’re down there with the moles in the tube. Or stuck in a bus.

But what if you don’t quite know your way around?

For those travelling into Central London, Transport for London are midway through a programme of installing their Cycle SuperHighways across the Capital. For the Royal Borough there is SuperHighway 8, which runs from Chelsea Bridge into Central London.

Useful Links

Transport for London cycle maps
The Royal Borough is covered in Map 7. These show quiet side roads and off-road routes. They can be a bit bulky on a bike, but it’s still well worth ordering them by calling 020 7222 1234

London Cycle Network

London CyclisLondon Cycle Routes

Santander Cycle Hire 

Cycle Streets 


So what other options are there?

Get an app for your phone. For iPhones and other android phones there are a number of useful applications for finding your way around London. Cyclestreets covers London, and suggests a lot of quieter routes. Sustrans has released an app for the UK Cycle network for anyone travelling outside of London. Cycle hire scheme users can benefit from the London Cycle Hire app. This shows where the docking stations are – and which stations have bicycles available to hire.

But if you seriously don’t want to get lost, the latest cycle computers can do much more than show your speed or distance covered. They can act as GPS device that record your route. They can even give you directions to your destination.

No bigger than a mobile phone, GPS cycle computers are small handlebar mounted devices that allow you to record and upload ride data to route hosting web apps like iMapMyRide, so you can share routes with friends. They can also provide turn-by-turn navigation to a destination you select. For example: to a postcode or a street name. Or along a pre-planned route. Strava is also excellent for the cycling fitness enthusiast.

Devices from Garmin, SatMap and Memory Map will satisfy anyone interested in recording and analysing every aspect of their ride. Or they can be used simply as a navigation aid. Either way they can really add to the cycling experience