Like Riding a Bike was a campaign and photo exhibition we ran in 2011 that celebrated the freedom and expression of the great diversity of people who ride their bikes around the Borough, captured by photographer, Caroline Irby.

Peter, one of the cyclists involved, said he liked cycling because “I can go pretty much anywhere I want. If there’s a tube strike, I don’t have to worry about how I get to work. If it’s snowing, the roads are congested and there’s no public transport, you can jump on your bike and off you go!”

The campaign exhibited the ‘normalness’ of riding a bike and showed that you don’t have to be a lycra-wearing speed-demon and that anyone can enjoy riding riding a bike.

As a result of the success of the Like Riding A Bike campaign, we have now taken it a step forward and have rebranded it for people who are  just getting started in their cycling lives. It is now being run as a ‘sister’ site to the regular Bikeminded wesbite. You can visit the site at Bikeminded Like Riding A Bike