With all our Halloween ridesto date from 2011-2013, we at Bikeminded have been very lucky to work together with the incredibly creative and talented Exquisite Folly Theatre. Our first project was the Halloween Fancy Dress Ghost Tour in 2011, which  was an opportunity to cycle the streets of the Royal Borough discovering its haunted places, while being spooked by tales of ghosts, apparitions and mean spectres from a team of professional storytellers. Read our blog ‘Ghost Cycle Tour’.


For Halloween 2012,  a jolly good show was had by all when we thought we’d ring the changes and instead of having a traditional ‘ghost’ tour this year, we created  a wartime whodunnit called ‘The Notting Hill Mystery’. For more about the ‘Notting Hill Mystery’, read our blog ‘Jolly Good Show’ .


Halloween 2013 took us the the Edwardian world of Lord Stanley Oberwain where as a cyclist, you were invited to a re-enactment of his fateful wedding night.  You had to come dressed up and reeady to party like it was 1899! Read our blog on ‘The Ballad Of Lord Stanley Oberwain – A Cautionary Tale’