Those blue plaques commemorating famous residents who lived and worked in the Royal Borough… you’ve noticed them. But have you ever wondered what went on behind those closed doors?

As part of the Royal Borough’s InTransit Festival 2011 we gave two very lucky groups of people the chance to explore the stories of the people behind the blue plaques in two unique, guided cycling tours.

Both tours meandered through the quiet side streets of the Royal Borough at a gentle pace with the presence of our marshals allowing each group to take in their surroundings … and just enjoy the ride. Julian, our professional actor, added drama, fun and intrigue by re-telling the history of our famous residents through a series of wonderfully engaging stories.

The tours were open to anyone who was interested in finding out more about our famous residents and in the end we were joined by groups of families and friends from the local area and far beyond!

Don’t worry if you missed our guided tours, you can take a tour whenever it suits you by accessing our new app. Just follow this link to find out more – take me to the app please!

Digital Tours

Family Blue Plaque Tour
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Blue Plaque Tour
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Our alternative app tour

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