Residents looking for an environmentally friendly way to zip about the borough can borrow one of the Council’s new electric-powered bikes.

There are three eBikes that can be loaned out to borough residents or businesses.

The bikes come with an optional trailer that could be handy for businesses doing deliveries locally.

We are developing an on line booking system, but for now to ask to test a bike for up to a month, contact or call 020 7361 3628.

Giant Prime E + 33

Trailer (optional)

Technical Information
» Battery Range will vary dependant on many factors including temperature, wind, weight of rider and load and how hilly your ride is.
» As an approximate guide a fully charged battery will give assistance for
Eco Mode 50-110km
Normal Mode 40-80km
Sport Mode 30-50km
» You can of course ride the bike without any battery assistance.
» The battery will also cut out when it has just a 3% charge left, this is to reserve 2 hours of power for the lights.

We will supply you with two. One for the Hi Security D Lock, use this through the frame and a secure object whenever the bike is parked. The other is for the battery pack, you will need this for removing and charging the pack. We recommend always removing and recharging the battery overnight. Please look after the keys – though