If you’d like to have your bike checked over by Dr Bike for free, all you have to do is just come along with your bike to one of our three locations in the borough. Dr Bike sessions run every month throughout the year.

From Wednesday 4 October 2017 onwards all of our public Dr Bike sessions will offer free bike security marking. Bike marking adds a permanent code number to your bike which means it can be identified and returned to you if it’s ever stolen and subsequently recovered by the police. The BikeRegister system we use is the approved bike marking system of the Metropolitan Police.

Please find days and locations below:

Notting Hill Gate 4pm~7pm
By the Waterstones at the junction with Kensington Church Street
1st Wednesday of every month

Kensington High Street 4pm~7pm
At the junction with Earls Court Road
2nd Wednesday of every month

Kings Road 4pm~7pm
140 metres west of Sloane Square – just before the Duke of York Square
3rd Wednesday of every month

Follow us on twitter for the latest information about all our events and any last minute cancellations due to bad weather.


The Borough offers free bike maintenance courses at the Bikeworks Hub under the Westway. Each one-day course is held on a Sunday from 10am to 4pm (including 1-hour lunch). The courses are free for people who live, work or study in Kensington and Chelsea.

Level 1
A ‘bicycle first aid’ course, it covers all the basics. This covers the essentials of adjusting a bicycle to suit you and dealing with common roadside repairs so that you and your bicycle can get home and/or to a bicycle shop safely.

• Roadside puncture repair – removal of wheel and tyre
• M-check (making sure major components are safe and roadworthy, making minor adjustments)
• Removal and refitting of brake blocks, balancing brake calipers
• Adjustment of saddle and seat post
• Principles of basic gear adjustment
• Checking chain tension
• Preventative care, e.g. how to clean and lubricate parts of the bike

Level 1 Courses – Beginners 2020-21

All courses are from 10am to 4pm.

Sunday 26 April
Sunday 21 June
Sunday 26 July
Sunday 27 September
Sunday 25 October
Sunday 20 December
Sunday 24 January 2021
Sunday 28 March 2021

For more advanced tuition, consider our Level 2 course.


Level 2
Participants must be confident in all aspects of a level 1 course, or have undertaken the level 1 before taking the intermediate

• Removal and refitting of brake cables
• Reconnecting and setting up new brakes
• Limit stop screw demonstration
• Principles of adjusting front derailleur
• Wheel truing – demonstration and practical application
• Recommendations for routine bicycle servicing
NB: Please note – Hydraulic brake servicing is not covered in either course.

Level 2 Courses – Intermediate 2020-21

All courses are from 10am to 4pm

Sunday 31 May
Sunday 23 August
Sunday 29 November
Sunday 28 February 2021


Bikeworks, 3 Maxilla Walk, (Access Kingsdown Close) W10 6NQ

How to book

You can book a place on one of these courses directly with Bikeworks:

Online booking Bike Maintenance Course Beginners

Online booking Bike Maintenance Course Intermediate

Tel: 020 8980 7998
email: enquiries@bikeworks.org.uk

Fix Your Own Bike

Want to work on your bike but lack the tools to get it in top shape? We’ve got the solution!  You can hire workshop space where you will find all you need. Our training centre has 10 bike stands with tools. Stands can be used for an hour (longer if there is no one waiting), on a first come, first served basis. There will also be two qualified bike mechanics at hand for queries.


This programme is being sponsored by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and Hammersmith and Fulham, and is therefore free for residents of these boroughs, those eligible will need to register upon arrival. Initial registration will require proof of address and photo ID, subsequent attendance will only require photo ID. Residents of other boroughs are more than welcome to attend and will pay £7 for an hour. Hire fees (if applicable) and parts can be paid for in cash on the day.

Location: Bikeworks CIC, 3 Maxilla Walk (access via Kingsdown close), London W10 6NQ

All sessions are from 12pm to 2:30pm

Saturday 14 March
Saturday 11 April
Saturday 16 May
Saturday 13 June
Saturday 11 July
Saturday 8 August
Saturday 12 September
Saturday 10 October
Saturday 7 November
Saturday 12 December
Saturday 9 January 2021
Saturday 13 February 2021
Saturday 13 March 2021

If you have any queries, please contact Bikeworks:
Tel: 020 8980 7998
email: enquiries@bikeworks.org.uk