Rule no1
Don’t skimp on security.

Buy a bike lock
Choose a lock that matches the quality of your bike. As a guide, this should be 20% of the cost of your bike. Because you love your bike – and you’d hate to have it nicked – it deserves a top range hardened D lock. Or a high quality padlock and chain. Look for the ‘sold secure’ mark. This categorises locks into bronze, silver and gold ratings.

Take time to choose your location
Never leave your bike in an isolated place. Always park it in a busy, well-lit area where people are mingling and frequently walking past. Ideally with CCTV cameras around. If possible, lock your bike near other bikes. This way there’s less chance of thieves picking your bike as there will be easier targets around!

Learn how to lock your bike properly
Always lock your bike to an immovable, unbreakable object in a busy, well-lit place. Lock it up ‘tight’ to make moving around difficult when parked. And don’t just bolt up the frame. Secure all removable parts – wheels and seat. You may need an additional longer cable lock to secure these.

Register your bike
Mark and register your bike. This greatly increases your chances of getting it back. Register model, make and frame number at To find your frame number, check near the handlebars, below the seat, the bit of frame between the pedals or towards the back wheel.

There are regular bike marking events held across the Royal Borough which we promote so keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter or latest Dr Bike and bike marking events for upcoming dates.  Note that Kensington and Chelsea’s Safer Transport Team operate Bikeminded bike marking events.