Be a Light Angel


We are launching the ‘Be a Light Angel’ campaign today!


It’s the eighth year we are running this popular campaign. For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re giving out a bunch of bike light sets to generous cyclists who are willing to stop their lightless peers and give them a set. We’re calling them our Light Angels. As the days are getting darker much more quickly, we’d also like to raise awareness amongst cyclists of the importance of using lights at night. It is certainly a safety issue but also, by law, you must have a front white light and rear red light on your bike.


Until Christmas, if you’d like the chance to pass on some lights to other cyclists, and you live, work, study or cycle through the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, you can sign up to be a Light Angel and we’ll post 3 sets of lights to you to get started.


To become a Light Angel, you have three options:


* like us on Twitter @BIkemindedRBKC and send us a private message with your postal address;


* like us on Facebook and send us a private message with your postal address;


* email us at putting ‘Light Angels’ in the subject line and include your postal address.


We’ll then get in touch…


We’d also love to see selfies of your ‘Light Angel Moments’, so feel free to tweet a selfie of you and your light set recipient(s) using @BikemindedRBKC or #LightAngel and we’ll retweet it.


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