Plan Zheroes – The Zero Food Waste Heroes


We would like to start the year with some positive action!


Bikeminded is supporting the charity Plan Zheroes’s work which allows food businesses (cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, catering companies or hotels) that have surplus food food to connect with local charities feeding people in need. Plan Zheroes was co-founded by long time Kensington and Chelsea resident Lotti Henley. Although Lotti is now 91 years old, she is still involved with the charity.


Plan Zheroes has created an online social network for this purpose: businesses can easily post food donations online and charities receive notifications by email. Local residents can also join the networks as volunteers to help collect and deliver the food.


And this where YOU could help: imagine you can use your commute back from work to collect surplus food and deliver it to a charity on your way home! You can ride home knowing that you are adding a good cause to it!


Plan Zheroes photo


Through their platform and their volunteer led collections of surplus food, they have redistributed over 32 tonnes food to local charities since June 2014.


Also have a look at this short video explaining why and how they work.


So why not get involved and fight food waste and food insecurity in your local area!

Visit to sign up and get started.

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