Flamboyance, passion, affairs, wealth and celebrity on the Public Art Ride


This guided ride around the quiet streets of Kensington and Chelsea is as much about amazing people and unseen places as it is about the art we see. Along the route we’ll discover a little about:


– the former apprentice who dreamt of living the life of an old Venetian merchant in modern London, and see the Pre-Raphaelite tomb he commissioned;
– a dandified, prickly artist whose paintings in contrast exude a subtle delicacy;
– climbing cherubs where previously there were stinking mud-banks;
– an artist who kept a menagerie in his Cheyne Walk garden that included kangaroos and armadillos;
– the man whose collection became the founding core of the Natural History Museum;
– the Queen’s daughter whose sculpture of her mother is on display and
– a dry cleaner.


Photo courtesy of Ana O'Connell

Photo courtesy of Ana O’Connell


According to Charlie Holland, who researched the route and leads the ride, “Above all else I want people to feel relaxed and entertained on my rides. There are frequent stops, a leisurely pace and a smattering of information about the things we look at. My aim is that everyone goes away with something they really want to find out more about, and knowing a few curious facts that they can mention when bringing friends to the area.”


The cycle tour, that lasts a shade under three hours, starts and ends at the Holland Park Docking Station; at Holland Walk by Duchess of Bedford’s Walk on Saturday 9th July at 10.30am.


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