Are you car door aware?


We will soon be rolling out a brand new poster campaign raising awareness of the dangers of car doors opening into the path of approaching cyclists.  “Car dooring” of cyclists in Great Britain rose to almost 600 reported incidents in 2011.  Between 2012 and 2015 in Kensington and Chelsea there have been 64 cyclists who have experienced unwanted contact with a car door, making up 11 percent of all cyclist casualties in that time.


Our campaign is about reminding cyclists and car users alike to be mindful of this common occurrence and to watch out for each other on the roads.

  • Drivers (and passengers) – check mirrors and look over your shoulder before opening up side doors.
  • Riders – stay out of the danger zone, ride at least one meter away from car doors, and be aware of the possibility of doors opening in front of you at all times.

We are also looking at infrastructure improvements to support this campaign, such as changing or removing cycle lanes in the borough that currently put riders in the ‘car door zone’.


Cycle training reinforces riding away from the kerb, outside of the car door zone. This is great practice to get into as it helps you assert yourself as a road user and also keeps you safely out of the way of unexpectedly opening doors. Never had cycle training? It can be a great way to gain some road confidence and you may even learn something new! We offer free training to people who live, work or study in the borough so find out more and sign up if you’re interested in taking your riding to the next level.


We would like to hear about your ideas or experiences to help inform our campaign: Are we delivering the right messages? Do you consider this to be an important issue for cyclists and drivers? How can we raise awareness of this issue most effectively? If you have comments or suggestions please get in touch with us.


Driver or rider, we are all just people at the end of the day, so travel safe and look out for each other. Enjoy your weekend!


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