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Having a baby is certainly a major upheaval for anyone, and for many of us it means our cycling takes the back burner for a bit whilst we grapple with nappies and sleeplessness.  Whenever you’re ready to get back on your bicycle there are plenty of options out there and today we take a look at what is popular abroad.


The simplest and cheapest option is to attach a baby carrier to your own bicycle, our own favourite and what we personally use is the Bo Bike. This is the most popular brand in the Netherlands, where you see many people with the Bo Bike mini on the front and the classic Bo Bike on the back to cart the entire family around.  This style of seat is also a favourite in Japan, where there often isn’t the space for parking bulkier bicycles. It clips off easily and can be stored away when not in use. With the front carrier seats in particular, this option means you can have a fun conversation and point things out to each other as you cycle around.
mamachari Image via JapanToday
Taking New York by storm is the longtail, with a much longer base than the average bicycle and thereby able to carry several kids around. These bicycles are lighter and easier to navigate through tight gaps than the standard European family bike, and take up a lot less space for people wanting to store their bicycle inside. We’ve never seen these in London but can imagine they’d work quite well here too.
photo-1 Image via Brooklyn Spoke
Next we have the Dutch favourite, the bakfiets, this model is much longer than its Danish cousin clocking in at around 2.5m long. These bikes have two wheels, and all the typical features of a Dutch bicycle which make them particularly practical and easy to ride. They review really well and are increasingly popular in London.
urban-arrow-in-actie Image via Freewheely
Finally, our Danish cousins are partial to the box bike, most famously the Christiannia but also newer brands such as Nihola. These bikes are so common in Denmark that even the Royals cart their kids around in them.
Image via HRH Fashion
Do you cycle with your kids? We offer free cycle training for families so if you are thinking about it but need a bit of confidence then please get in touch. Go to this page for more information. Our Right Royal Ride on 25 April will be a great way to show your kids around the Royal Borough so dust off your crown and join us on a leisurely ride around Kensington and Chelsea.

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