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For many of us, vintage is a word we associate with quality and craftmanship, and that extends all the way from our bicycles to what we wear whilst riding. There are some fantastic rides out there that marry a love of all things vintage with leisurely bike rides, and today we take a sneak peak at a few of them.

Anjou Velo Vintage is a french ride that started in 2011. Organised by General Council of Maine-et-Loire, this event attracts almost 3000 participants and many thousands more just to watch the spectacle. The detail of their outfits, and matching perfectly with their bicycles is just as important as the ride itself. The event includes a flea market, fair, procession, evening concerts and of course the ride. All rather fabulous we think!

Image via Viste La Calle
Eroica is an Italian bicycle ride that is slowly spreading across the globe. In 2015 Eroicas will take place in the UK, California, Spain, Japan and of course Italy. This very traditional ride started in the Chianti region of Tuscany and is held on the first Sunday in October. All bicycles taking part must be built before 1987, and over 5000 riders now take part, many in their vintage wear. The UK ride set off from Bakewell last year, and included a three day vintage fair.
Image via the Guardian
Last but definitely not least is the wonderful Tweed Run. Started in London by a bunch of cycling tweed fanatics, this ride has been going since 2009, and has spawned many copy cat rides across the globe. Tweed runs have taken place from New York, to Tokyo to Auckland. The rides have an etiquette and dress code, and attract some seriously stylish tweed wearers. The next London ride is yet to be announced but you can guarantee the tickets will sell like hotcakes!

Image via Alan Clarke

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