The Road Cyclist’s Companion


The nice people at Cicada books sent us over a copy of the The Road Cyclist’s Companion, by Peter Drinkell, to review.   One of our colleagues over here at Bikeminded HQ is an avid road cyclist and therefore the perfect person to look through it for us.  Over to you Neil…


All sports have their quirks and rituals, and cycling has more than most. As the rise of the bicycle continues, many casual cyclists are taking up the challenge of riding in groups with cycling clubs and in road races. Doing so leads the rider into a minefield of form and etiquette that those who have grown up in clubs are well acquainted with.
There are many things, mostly unwritten rules, from the correct length of sock to riding safely in a paceline, that need to be learned by the aspiring sporting cyclist. Broken into chapters covering kit, bike, group riding, cycle technique and training, The Road Cyclist’s Companion is an invaluable shortcut to learning those ‘unwritten rules’ knowledge of which are essential to being comfortable in the club cycling scene. Pretty much faultless in offering good advice, beautifully illustrated, printed and packaged, this book is recommended for the aspiring cycle enthusiast.


You can get your copy from here.

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