Puncture Proof Tyres


Let’s face it, getting a puncture is a major pain.  Even if you’re handy with an inner tube, punctures always seem to come along when you’re in a rush to get somewhere.  We were therefore intrigued when we read about Tannus tyres.  Tannus is a Korean company who have come up with a polymer tyre that they claim will never go flat.


They are a solid structure with no inner tube and apparently no chance of them going flat. If you have clincher rims then they’ll slot straight in with a special locking system.


What’s more they come in an exciting range of colours, which opens up great colour coordination possibilities.


Have you tried Tannus tyres?  We’d love to know what you think?  Is this the end of fixing punctures on the side of the road or wheeling your bicycle miles to the nearest bicycle shop?



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