Common cycling concern#1: slippery pedals


Has anyone else experienced the frustration of your shoe slipping off your pedal?  One of us here at Bikeminded HQ invested in a shiny new bicycle this year, complete with beautiful chrome pedals.  Beautiful but slippery pedals.  It’s therefore a relief to hear that the clever people at Sovrappensiero Design Studio have been worrying about the same thing, and have come up with a clever solution.  Enter Grippine.  A fantastically simple idea which involves putting a bit of rubber over your pedal and completely removing the threat of slipping off.  The colours are also awesome, so we’re already thinking about interesting colour coordination opportunities.

Take a look at their video to find out more, but don’t dilly dally, you need to pledge money to the project before 24 July to nab yourself a Grippine.

What do you think? A useful addition to your bicycle or another unnecessary investment?

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