A ride with Michaux


The ladies amongst us here at Bikeminded HQ love a handbag as much as the next lady, but what do you do with it when you hop on your bicycle?  Yes there are great bags out there that can be slung across the body but sometimes you have a bit more to lug about.  If you’re not keen to go down the pannier route then a back pack is your friend.


We count ourselves extremely lucky to have been offered a stunning Michaux Lightening Rucksack to trial.  These babies are fancy.  When it arrived at our office it was met by a chorus of ooohhs and aaahhs, from ladies and gentleman alike.  It’s made of sturdy canvas with a plush leather front.  It has chunky silver clasps and fun quirks like tasselled zippers.  What makes it a cycling rucksack?  Well, its waterproof which definitely helps, but Michaux also include clever bits like 3M reflective material sewn into the seams.   We love the fact that they’re designed here in London and made in the UK, and love the philosophy behind the company.  Rachel Bonney, the designer behind Michaux, chose the name as she loves the idea of Michaux being one of the first clubs to allow women to cycle in public and all of the freedom that went with women being on bikes.


So how best to test the Lightening Rucksack?  We took it on a ride of course!


We met for a coffee down on Exhibition Road and the Lightening fit right in with the academics from South Kensington’s most esteemed institutions who were there sipping their brews.


We continued on through Kensington Gardens and what better back drop for the Lightening than the sparkly Albert Memorial.


And of course we couldn’t resist a shot with Kensington Palace.


We took the Lightening shopping along Portobello Road and this is where we were convinced by the Lightening’s biggest attribute… it can fit A LOT of shopping in it!


A quick spin past Trellick Tower in all its modernist glory.


And a gentle pootle along the picturesque streets of Notting Hill.


To Clarendon Cross for a spot of lunch.  The Lightening was big enough for all our delicious treats.


So, to summarize, we were bowled over by the Michaux Lightening.  It’s comfortable and looks super stylish.  We’ve perused the rest of the Michaux website and have our eyes on that gorgeous handlebar tape, in gold please!


Do you wear a rucksack?





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