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Morning All, we hope you’re coping with cycling in this crazy smog.  It is certainly hard on the lungs.


Today we have the great pleasure of introducing you to Thomas Aquilina, a young architect living in Chelsea.
Where do you live and why?
My new home in Chelsea is five minutes either side of the Embankment and King’s Road. The area is smart and comfortable. This is the first time I’m living in London, and certainly I never imagined Chelsea would be my entry into the city. I’m here because I share a house with old friends from university.
What are your favourite things about the area?
Walking along the river promenade, visiting museums on Cromwell Road, eating Asian food on Exhibition Road, finding new public gardens, and the very elegant street lampposts.
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Why did you start cycling in London?
I enjoy the quick getaway and moving freely and speedily between London’s distinct urban villages.
We understand you have a very stylish bicycle, tell us more about how and why you got it?
I have a reconditioned steel frame Carlton bicycle, supposedly as old as 1949, with classic lugs and down-tube shifters. It’s from a second-hand bicycle workshop in Edinburgh. It’s robust and reliable – its lasted a half-century.
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Do you look after it yourself?
Absolutely, I think it’s important to know the mechanics and design of your bicycle.
Where do you like to ride it in London?
Everywhere. But cycling along Regent’s Canal, from Camden Docks to Regents Park is a beautiful stretch, where you also hear the humming of the birds as the zoo’s large aviary hangs over the canal.
Where do you work and what do you do?
I’m a young architect working for a new design studio called Ordinary; we’re based in east London, round the corner from Broadway Market.
Do you ride your bike to work and what is your favourite route there?
I’m an incorrigible urban cyclist. I commute by bicycle everyday, choosing one of two routes: first, slow-and-steady along the Embankment towards Blackfriars or, second, hard-and-fast via The Mall and Strand. Both end up at Old Street. From there, it’s the final straight along Hackney Road.
Do you have any tips for new cyclists in London?
Keep both hands on your handlebars.
What is your best memory of cycling?
During a long summer vacation from university I cycled with one of my current housemates from London to Lyon to attend my cousin’s wedding on the outskirts of Lyon. It was a very rewarding journey. By bicycle, I suppose, you’ve always got the best view.

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