The Art Of Cycling


David Hockney once famously said ‘Art has to move you and design does not. Unless it’s a good design for a bus.’ Of course he meant to say bike, but that aside, it got us thinking about art and bicycles and examples of the two working together in visual harmony. As a result, we have got together a few examples of beautiful bicycle art for your viewing pleasure. So, what do you think of these?


Beauty In The Street

This delightful image from Blanca Gomez shows how simple, beautiful and elegant cycling can be. Isn’t it lovely?


Bike Blanca Red

‘Beauty In The Street’ courtesy of  Blanca Gomez  


Go With The Wind

Driven by his passion for cycling and art, Thomas Yang decided to put his two favourite things together with the simple and yet ingenious idea of making a maximum of 100 copies of each art print. Each piece of work is watermarked, labelled with the title and edition number and as a result,  no two copies are ever completely identical.  



‘Go With The Wind’ courtesy of Thomas Yang & 100 Copies.



You may have seen Ugo Gattoni’s work on our blog before, but we really like it and want to make sure as many people see it as possible. Based in Paris, Ugo is an illustrator who has created the most beautiful book, which is 5 metres long and full of stunning illustrations of bicycles in London. Watch the short film of ‘Bicycle‘ below.


Los Angeles-based artist Geoff McFetridge has created a series of understated and elegant images and this rather lovely one is called ‘Passing’.


‘Passing’ by Geoff McFetridge courtesy of Cooper Cole Gallery.


Wondered what it’s like cycling in Greece? Maybe the reality is different, but I’m quite happy with the idea of this stunning image called ‘Naxos’ by Pierre Courtine.


Naxos by Pierre Courtine

‘Naxos’ courtesy of Pierre Courtine.


Random Pretty Bike With Flowers 

No idea where this is from but it is a  pretty little picture of a bicycle bedecked with flowers and as autumn insists on coming, you need every little bit of sunshine you can get, don’t you?



And for those who would like just that little bit extra information on the beautiful art of bicycle art, here is an interesting article from The Guardian that you might like.


So, what did you think? Did you like these examples of bicycle art? Or are you an artist that incorporates bicycles or cycling into your work? Or or have you seen any bicycle art that you have have liked? If so, send us a link here at Bikeminded and our readers can have a look and enjoy. You never know, we might discover the next, ahem, Bikeasso…

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