Oscar, Bram and the Blue Plaque Man


You’ve seen those blue plaques on buildings across London, but have you ever wondered what went on behind those closed doors and why the blue plaques were there?


Well, if you’d come along to our last Blue Plaque tour of the year earlier this month, you could have found out about the plethora of famous people who have lived in the Royal Borough and more importantly, the stories behind the closed doors!


While gently meandering through the quiet streets of the borough, we learnt more  about Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, as well as the dramatic tragedies that befell Mark Twain and George Eliot, among other famous residents.


The Blue Plaque Tour was presented in association with The Festival of the Bicycle and the tour was delivered by the irrepressible John Bailey, a fully trained ‘Original Tour’ London Tour Guide, with experience of delivering music, bicycle, and Olympic tours across London.


Blue Plaque Speaking

Image courtesy of Philip Benstead @ Cycling 4 ALL


Did you know that earlier this year, the Blue Plaque scheme was suspended due to cuts? However in case you didn’t know, the good news is that there is a a new campaign for the return of the Blue Plaque scheme that has been launched by the Evening Standard in partnership with English Heritage? See this article in the Evening Standard by Sebastian Shakespeare. 


As for Bikeminded’s Blue Plaque Tours, that’s it for this year, but I imagine they’ll be back when the sun comes out again next year. So, see you in 2014!


Blue Plaque Sept 2013

Image courtesy of Philip Benstead @ Cycling 4 ALL



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