Through The Keyhole


Curious to know what lies through the keyhole of some of London’s most interesting buildings?


So, what about making the most of the autumn sunshine and cycling to have a look at Max Eames’s Victorian College of Psychic Studies (with Arthur Conan Doyle memorabilia) or to the Aesthetic Movement icon that is Leighton House (used in many productions including BBC period drama ‘Parade’s End’) or to the contemporary elegance of the Saatchi Gallery?


Open House London  is an annual opportunity to see the incredible architecture on offer across the Royal Borough and of course, throughout London. With more than 800 buildings taking part in its 21st year, you will be spoilt for choice as to what to see on the weekend of 21st and 22nd September. We quite fancy going to experience the calm serenity of the Ismaili Centre or the slightly less calming and slap-bang-up-to-date large basement living space & nightclub dancefloor in the Hidden House. Let’s see how we go on the day. Maybe see you there!


Leighton House2

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