My Kingdom For A Bike


What do you get if you cross Shakespeare and cycling? Well, if you’re in the Royal Borough on Friday 23 August, the answer is the Handlebards‘ production of ‘Twelfth Night’ at the Royal Chelsea Hospital…


The Handlebards are 4 actors on 4 bicycles playing 40 characters taking on a 926 mile journey from Glasgow to London touring these ‘Twelfth Night’ and ‘Romeo & Juliet’. To add to the challenge, the HandleBards, who are supported by the Old Vic Theatre, will carry all the required set, props, costumes and camping equipment necessary for the 926 mile journey on their bikes, with no back-up vehicle in support. They will cover a distance equivalent to that between Land’s End and John o’ Groats.




The group will pass through 25 venues across Scotland and England, beginning at the Glasgow Riverside Museum, now the European Museum of the Year (European Museum Forum Awards 2013), and finishing up at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


All set and props used in the productions are restricted only to recycled items that could be found either on a bicycle or in a campsite, with the team’s bikes being rigged up to power various lights and mechanical contraptions onstage. The use of bicycles as transport for the escapade will also save 20.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions, as compared to the same adventure undertaken by car. Shakespeare is truly sustainable in his 1st ever fully ‘green’ tour. The four HandleBards will play multiple characters in each 1930s-set play, fully engaging showgoers with some unusually energetic audience interaction.


Twelfth Night


So if you’re in the Royal Borough on Friday 23 August, doors open at 5pm and the performance begins at 630pm.


For tickets, phone 020 7978 7040 or get your tickets here 


PS Ok, so the title isn’t from ‘Twelfth Night’ nor the other production ‘Romeo & Juliet’ that they are currently touring, however it was the best Shakespeare cycling pun we could come up with. Do you have any better ideas?

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