Better Bike Security in Kensington and Chelsea


Good bike security is essential for any cyclist and so, with this in mind, we spoke to Inspector Paul Davey of Kensington and Chelsea’s Metropolitan Safer Transport Team to see what they were doing to make bike security better for cyclists in the Royal Borough.


Inspector Paul Davey

Inspector Paul Davey


What is the Kensington and Chelsea Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Team (STT) and what can they do to help cyclists?  

In addition to policing the local transport network in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and engaging with the travelling public, we also patrol London’s roads to tackle cycle theft, responding to road traffic incidents and the safe movement of traffic. Safer Transport Teams are part of the Transport for London-funded Metropolitan Police Service Safer Transport Command.


We provide free cycle security marking and registration with the police preferred database and also provide advice and information about good locking practice and ways to avoid having your cycle stolen at our cycle marking events run alongside Bikeminded’s Dr Bike sessions 


You can also get your bike marked here in the Royal Borough by Kensington and Chelsea Safer Transport Team And get your bike marked here for regular cycle marking events across London. 


Met bike marking


The team investigates all reports of cycles stolen from public places in the Royal Borough, making contact with victims to ensure we have full details of the stolen bike recorded to give the best chance of returning if stolen.


How can cyclists help you to do your job?

- record full details of your bike including the unique frame number. Photograph your bicycle and detail any modifications or unique features

- register your bike by frame number and any unique security markings at 

- report stolen/lost bicycles to the police. Many cycles are recovered by the police, but we cannot reunite bikes to owners if they are not reported

- use two good quality locks and make sure each lock secures both the wheel and the bike frame to the parking stand


What kinds of cycling-related initiatives are you working on?
We are working in partnership with the the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Transport for London and the London Cycle Campaign to reduce offences in Kensington and Chelsea including reviewing public cycle parking areas to see if security in the area can be increased. We are also targeting cycle thieves with a range of tactics and anti-theft operations, as well as engaging and educating cyclists across the borough. Alongside Transport for London, we have also recently launched a Flickr site to reunite cyclists with their bikes.


Tell us more about the MPS Flickr site
We hope the public will use the site to search through photos of bikes recovered from all London boroughs so they can identify their own bike. All 32 STTs will be adopting the scheme soon.


Part of the project involves STTs taking stock of bicycles in property stores and any bike that appears valuable or likely to be identifiable by the owner will be considered for submission for Flickr – after seeking permission from the investigating officer. All bikes being submitted must have had vigorous checks on them before they will be publicised.


Visit the Flickr site at Recovered Bikes 


Met Flickr Screen Grab


What bike do you ride?
Jamis Endura road bike


Could you tell us about your most favourite cycle ride?
There are so many, but cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End – 922 miles over 9 days was an amazing experience!


So, we can be reassured that together with their colleagues across London, Inspector Davey’s STT is working hard to make sure our bikes are as safe as they can possibly be in the Royal Borough and across the whole city.


If you would like more information on the Flickr site or anything related to bike security, contact Inspector Davey and his team at the Kensington and Chelsea Safer Transport Team  


Or you can also contact the Metropolitan Police Service Safer Transport Command on Twitter @MPSSTC or visit Metropolitan Police Service Safer Transport Command 

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