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So with Christmas parties in full swing and Christmas itself only just around the corner, we thought we’d give you a little something to make you smile in this, our last blog of 2012. But what could we write about? Our favourite mince pie recipes? The best office Christmas party story? The most effective hangover cures? In the end, we thought we’d post pics of some of our favourite weird and wacky bikes as of course, they are our (and your) favourite subject. Bikes. Not the weird and wacky bit, I stress. So here are a few ever-so-slightly strange bicycles for your pre-Christmas amusement…


Dog Sled Bike
Inspired by the infamously mind-expanding Burning Man Festival, the Dog Sled is a bicycle & art project created by Thirsty Beach Landscaping. Not sure it would fit on one of London’s cycle lanes though…


Image courtesy of Thirsty Beach Landscaping at Burning Man 2009.


The Locust

Now you may think that folding bikes are not that unusual as Bromptons and their like have been around for a few years now, however the Locust is ever-so-slightly diffferent. When the designer Joseph Cadek says it folds, he isn’t kidding. Everything but the wheels really does fold! What do you think?


Image courtesy of Joseph Cadek


Taga Bicycle Buggy
Combining the fun of a bicycle with the functionality of a buggy, the Taga is an excellent way for parent & child to travel together. So if you’re a parentally-inclined cyclist, this could be just the thing. And given the cyclophile nature of the country, it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that the company who make the Taga are based in the Netherlands…


Image courtesy of Taga Bikes.


Boardman Minimalist Bike
With spokeless wheels, tyres that can’t get punctures, no visible chain and an extremely minimalist frame, this futuristic bike is the brainchild of Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman. And if all that weren’t enough, it also has a solar-powered battery and a fingerprint-reading device that only allows the owner to ride it. So, it’s pretty secure too. Other than a designer-label heated seat cover with an espresso-making attachment, it’s pretty much everything a cyclist could want, though you may have to fork out a bit, as well as wait a year or two before you see it in the shops.


Image courtesy of Listphobia


Yike Bike
Electric bikes are slowly becoming much more mainstream and the YikeBike is a quirky one that can be folded or unfolded quickly. It’s also light and portable enough to be carried onto public transport or left under your desk and not only that, but it has also become a bit of a thing with celebrities including Jackie Chan who has been seen practising his highly popular brand of martial-art comedy while riding on his YikeBike on the streets of Los Angeles.


Image courtesy of Yike Bike.


Cardboard Bike
Developed by Israeli engineer Izhar Gafni, the cardboard bike is strong, fireproof, waterproof, sells for £6, weighs 9kg and can carry riders up to 220kg. We think that’s pretty good going as even if you have a few too many mince pies this Christmas, you can still ride home… watch this short film about the cardboard bike.


Image courtesy of Dezeen


Couch Bike
The Couch Bike or perhaps in the UK, we might call it the Sofa Cycle, is a classic creation that is perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing, nor even the most functional of bicycles, however what it is more than anything, is a bit of fun and a testament to the ingenious creativity of cyclists the world over. Here is a blog called Make which gives a little more info and shows a few more couch bikes too…


Image courtesy of Make blog


So, there you go. A few weird, wonderful and some slightly wacky bikes for you. Hope you like them. Which was your favourite? Maybe you’ve got one of your own designs that you’d like to tell us about that we could mention on the Bikeminded blog? If so, we look forward to hearing from you. Either way, here at Bikeminded, we’d like to thank you for reading our blog and following us on Twitter and Facebook - it’s always greatly appreciated – and we’d also like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2013. Happy cycling!

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