Alternative Uses For Bikes (& Their Parts)


It goes without saying that we love bikes here at Bikeminded Towers and so recently while chatting over coffee, we got talking about alternative uses for bicycles and about other than riding them, what could you use bikes and their parts for? Here are a few things we found:


This lovely bicycle wheel clock from Recycle Chicken not only tells the time, but it also acts a constant reminder of how much time you are saving riding around on your bike instead of being stuck in traffic.


Image courtesy of Recycle Chicken



And for those who want to be reminded of their love for cycling while brushing their teeth in the morning, how would you like this delightful bicycle sink in your bathroom?


 Image courtsey of Jenny.Gr via Pinterest



Or what about this bicycle-chain-delier? Made by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga as part of her ‘Connect’ series, this chandelier consists of recycled bike chains to form multiple, functional sculptures in the form of traditional chandeliers. This would like good in my flat…


Image courtesy of Carolina Fontoura Alzaga at




And if you want another ingenious way of recycling bicycle chains, how about these rather stylish Campagnolo bicycle chain cufflinks for gentlemen cyclists everywhere. Available on from Spokenstitch


Image courtesy of Spokenstitch



And then of course, there seem to be 1001 things you can do with bike tubing and inner tyres. Although generally, these may not have the most aesthetically pleasing results, one of the exceptions is Velo-Re who have created a variety of wallets and belts among other things, which are not only highly practical, but also have an understated masculine elegance.


Image courtesy of Velo-Re



So that’s what we’ve found. What about you? What alternative uses have you seen or made for your bike and/or its parts?


    • RBKC says:

      Dec 14, 2012


      That bicycle Xmas tree is lovely, isn’t it? Thanks for posting

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