Welcome to Movember


This month the moustache is king as the world is overcome by the annual facial hair growing fest that is Movember. This incredibly popular charity has grown from its humble beginnings in Melbourne in 2003 to having raised almost £80 million across the world last year. The money goes toward a number of very worthy charities for mens health.


The rules are pretty simple.  You’ll need to have started today with a cleanly shaven face and then carry on growing and grooming your Mo for the rest of the month.  You can’t join your Mo to your sideburns (that’s a beard) or to your chin (better known as a goatee), and you must conduct yourself like a true gentleman.


We here at Bikeminded think Mo’s are rather becoming for cycling menfolk and certainly keep the upperlip warm on cold mornings…


Once you’ve grown your tache then you could always invest in the kit to go with it, check out this shirt from Italian brand Giordana.


To get involved or find out more, click here.

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