Design For The Real World


The London Design Festival may now be over, but as always in London, you can find something interesting and unique to visit and until 3 October, the Royal College of Art is hosting an exhibition that definitely fits the bill.

As part of the Brompton Design District initiative, Design for the Real World  is packed full of the latest ideas in sustainable and socially inclusive design, presented by graduates from the Royal College of Art.


All imagery (c) Ivan Coleman – 


Named to mark 40 years since the publication of Victor Papenek’s call for design that meets the needs of real people, among many other fascinating objects, the exhibition includes an innovative design for a coffee-making bicycle for caffeine-addicted cyclists everywhere!

Whether you think it a work of madness or genius, this and other designs in the exhibition will certainly get your brain cells in gear. Either way, looking over from his Memorial just over the road in Hyde Park, you sense that Prince Albert would most certainly approve…

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