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The recent BikeVDesign evening at the Design Museum was a fantastic celebration of not only cycling culture and its place in society, but also the objects themselves, the bikes.  And as with many things, to succeed in hardcourt bike polo it is vital to have that wonderful combination of function and design working beautifully together to make the bike polo experience a winning and aesthetically-pleasing combination!


What’s more, to prove that necessity is indeed the mother of invention and ‘because nobody’s doing it’, the guys from Cosmic Bike Polo made their own bike polo bike to create the right ‘tight geometry and very stable base’ that are so essential to a good bike polo player.



However, the bike is not the only necessary ingredient in the hardcourt bike polo formula. The right mallet is also an essential tool. As the industry is still in its infancy, bike polo players are being creative and still making their own in most cases. Here is short clip of a new mallet we found with an interesting head design. What do you think?  Tifon mallet


Although perhaps, hardcourt bike polo is still a relatively ‘young’ sport, enthusiasts currently on the scene all over the world are doing their utmost to make the game as much fun as possible  to play while making and using the right tools that have been designed in the most beautiful and effective way. We’re really curious to see what they’re going to come up with…

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  1. Todd says:

    Sep 17, 2012


    I’d just like to mention there is no official polo bike as yet, though there are certain advantages to bikes with a tight wheelbase. There is usually a preference for either 700c or 26″ wheels. Fixed trick frames are ideal for those wanting a good off the peg bike. They can take wider tyres and are solid. Mountain bikes are good too though they don’t have such a tight wheelbase but there can be advantages to having smaller wheels. Anyway what I’m saying is grab an old bike, get rid of all the bits you don’t need. Make it into a singlespeed with a really low gear ratio, and come play polo!
    Oh and the mallet above, despite being well designed, is no longer legal! We call them cheater mallets as they have cutouts on the side which allows illegal plays.
    Take a look at these guys
    Also if you’re in the UK and need equipment see
    (don’t buy the cut out heads though!)
    Also, ski poles in high grade aluminium and some industrial water/gas piping should see you through…

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