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Not that long ago, bike polo was something that had evolved from grass polo and the US West Coast  messenger scene being taken forward by a few enthusiasts in an underground scene and admittedly, this is still true in part as the scene in London and across the country is still quite select, however what is now undeniable is the massive wave of interest in bike polo across the board.



So what has there been recently? We’ve had Jack Thurston (‘The Bike Show’ on Resonance 104.4FM)  interviewing the impressive Cosmic Bike Polo for a future podcast at the recent and rather fantastic BikeVDesign evening at the Design Museum.


There was also the hugely positive article from the Guardian’s Will Coldwell – read here including coverage of the London Open, the Hell’s Belles women’s tournament in Bethnal Green & the World Hardcourt Bike tournaments in Geneva.


There is the incredible  support of dedicated teams of players, cycle enthusiasts and organisations such as the London Hardcourt Bike Polo Association (LHBPA) spreading the word by word-of-mouth and online, adding to the global bike polo community.


And now, in our own small way, we are doing our bit for the bike polo cause – Bike Polo Week at Bikeminded Towers! Since March 2012, Bikeminded (in partnership with the LHBPA) has been hosting weekly Open Sessions at the Westway Sports Centre from 7-10pm and they have been so popular that we are now hosting our very first Wild West Beginners’ Bike Polo Tournament on Saturday 15th  September from 10am. Interest has been fantastic and teams are coming from London and other parts of the country, so it promises to be an excellent day! Come along to watch. It’s right under the Westway and is a fantastic setting for an urban bike polo tournament.


In the build-up to the tournament, we recently filmed one of the Open Sessions  to give beginners an idea of what to expect in bike polo – watch  Under The Westway


Please note that Open Sessions will be held on THURSDAYS at Westway Sports Centre from 7-10pm starting Thursday 20th September. 

We are always looking for keen cyclists to come along as teams/players to the Open Sessions and remember, bikes/mallets are available for loan where needed.


For further information about the weekly Open Sessions or the tournament, email


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