Cake and Cycling


Here at Bikeminded HQ, we are major believers that cake and cycling are excellent bed fellows. Remember our cake tours from last year, they were scrumptious. And it seems we are not the only ones. Louise Mullagh appears to have a similar love of cake, and cycling. She is such a fan in fact that she has dedicated her website to these things that make life that little bit lovelier.



Patisserie Cyclisme is Louise’s sparkly new website, which has just started selling some rather fancy cycling things.  There are cake reviews from cafes all over the UK and beyond. We thought we’d check in with Louise and find out a bit more about her website.


1.    Your website looks amazing, congratulations.  What was the inspiration behind it?

Like so many simple ideas,it just came to me out of the blue. I was sitting in a cafe last winter ,sheltering from the rain and just started thinking about cycling and cafes,wondering if a review site would be any use to people. I started a simple blog and reviews started to come in, then it gathered momentum when I had the lovely logo designed. By early this year I decided to give a whirl properly and commissioned the new website, the old one didn’t do the job it needed to. The response has been fabulous and there are now over 150 reviews on the site. 

2.    Where is your favourite place to cycle?

I am really lucky living in north Lancashire as I can choose from the Trough of Bowland, the coast or travel north to Yorkshire or the Lake District, so I am spoilt for choice! The Lakes are my favourite in this country, though also the hardest I have ridden, but there is just something magical about riding up there. 

3.    And we have to ask, which cake tops your list?

I  am an absolute sucker for anything chocolate, so that usually wins. The chocolatier the better really, though I do really love a good scone with jam and clotted cream.

4.    Was it hard work getting around and trialling all the cafes?

The reviews actually get submitted by the wonderful cyclists online, though I do try and get round to different cafes to sample them. I’m lucky in that cyclists are generally passionate about cake so are always more than happy to visit cafes and submit reviews.

5.    Tell us about some of the interesting cafes you’ve come across on your journeys.

I really like the atmosphere of Eureka cafe, which is the oldest cycling cafe in the country. As a curator too I love hearing stories about cycling history and so whenever I have been there I have been regailed with many by their regulars. I visited the Bianchi cafe in Stockholm last year and loved that too. My aim this year is to get out and try as many of the cafes on the site as possible and to seek out new ones to include as well, I want to sneak a trip to Europe to so I can compare cycling cafe culture in different countries.

6.    What kind of bike/s do you ride and how did you choose it?

I am a roadie at heart and absolutely love Wilier Triestina, I own two (as does my husband). Jamie is a mechanic so I am lucky in that I have someone to look after them! My main steed is a Mimosa, which is a really stunning carbon frame, it rides like a dream and looks gorgeous too.

7.    As an experienced cyclist, do you have any tips for a new cyclist?

 I’d say ride to enjoy it. It can feel really hard when you start off, and it can be rather bewildering, but give it time and you will fall head over heels in love with it. Looking for bikes, definitely find a good bike shop and seek advice . Then find a cafe, and ride!



Thanks Louise, we’re off to get ourselves a slice of cake right now…

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