Cycle down the rabbit hole


We’re pretty excited about our last cycle tour of the summer… it involves a rabbit, a cheshire cat and a rather mad queen. Yep, we’re taking you on an Alice in Wonderland experience. Running as part of RBKC’s InTRANSIT festival, the series of six Alice in Wonderland cycling tours will run from Wednesday 18th July through to Sunday 22nd July, with matinees at the weekend for families.


With the streets of Kensington and Chelsea as their backdrop, during each performance seven actors and the audience will together pedal into the fantasy world of Alice, weaving their way through the park spaces and hidden corners of the borough as the story unfolds.

As Alice and the White Rabbit lead the way in this interactive theatrical cycling odyssey, audiences will be transported back to the 1930s with many twists and surprises throughout the specially adapted performance.

The two hour tour will start at Cremone Gardens, in Chelsea by the River Thames and reach its finale in Holland Park. Tickets cost just £8.00 per adult and £4.00 per child.  You can book your ticket here.


  1. Angela Vincent says:

    Jul 10, 2012


    I am really interested in the Alice in wonderland cycle tour, but wanted to check if it was aimed more at children and families?

    Would it be suitable for a 42 year old woman with a love of cycling and stories?!

    thanks, Angela

    • RBKC says:

      Jul 11, 2012


      Hi Angela,

      Most of the people attending are adults- just the weekend matinees have children attending so yes, please come along!


  2. She Peng says:

    Jul 20, 2012


    HI there,

    I’ve got some friends who want to come but dont have bikes. Will there be any boris bike stations during the tour to get/station the bikes?


  3. virginia says:

    Jul 27, 2012


    You planning to do it again?
    I coudn’t make it.

    • RBKC says:

      Jul 30, 2012


      Hi Virginia,

      We won’t be doing Alice in Wonderland again but are already thinking of potential plays to set to bicycles for next year. Any ideas would be most welcome!


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