Style the Cyclist: Sam Galsworthy


Hooray, today is the day we launch Style the Cyclist.  Are you ready with your Pinterest account?  Have you been thinking about who you’ll style?


This morning we’re introducing you to our second personality to be styled, Sam Galsworthy. 

Sam, along with his friend Fairfax Hall, started the boutique Gin distillery Sipsmith. They established the company in a garage in Hammersmith in 2009. It was no mean feat to get started however; their 300 litre copper-pot still, named ‘Prudence’, was the first to be granted a license in 189 years and is only the second currently operational in London. Today we find out a bit more about what makes Sam tick…


1. What’s different / unique about Sipsmith and your story to success?

Sipsmith is the first copper distillery in London for nearly 200 years and produces hand crafted, small batch London Dry Gin, Barley Vodka, Sloe Gin, Damson Vodka and new Sipsmith Summer Cup. We brought the art of distilling to the capital and Londoners have become tremendously engaged with the provenance of their drinks.

2. What’s the most rewarding thing about running Sipsmith Gin?
Consumer recognition that we have created a special brand that has been well thought through. People love local, London produce and often tell me that Sipsmith is a brand they didn’t realise they were looking for until it arrived.

3. How would you describe your London lifestyle?
Full, energetic, unplanned, sociable. I have lived here since I turned 30 and love it more and more everyday as a result of exploring the streets by bike when I’m delivering Sipsmith.

4. How would you describe you own personal style?
Leftfield of conservative

5. What’s your favourite foodie haunt in Kensington & Chelsea?
Dock Kitchen

6. Where’s your favourite place to sip a G&T in Kensington & Chelsea?
The Scarsdale Tavern or The Builders Arms

7. Which clothes / accessory designers do you admire or would like to wear?
Hentsch Man – it has a hand crafted and bubbly feel about it

8. What’s your favourite cocktail?
Negroni and G&T

9. Have you been cycling in London, if so where?
Everywhere, there’s nowhere I haven’t been – I’ve delivered to around 300 stockists in London on my bike

10. What would persuade you to get on a bike more often in London?
A shower at the end of every journey!

11. If you could own any bike what would it be?
Penny Farthing

12. If you could share a tandem with anyone who would it be and why?
Boris Johnson, it would be hilarious

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