Style the Cyclist: inspired by our parks


How wonderful is this weather??!?  We can’t help but be in a good mood here in Bikeminded HQ.  We currently plotting our escape from the office to meet friends in the park.  But which park?  There are so many cracking parks to choose from here in London.


We thought it would be fun to think about Styling the Cyclist (Have you got your entry in now? Not long to go!!) for the parks of London. Which bike would you ideally ride to the various parks around town? We take a selection of the more popular park and give our recommendations. What do you think?


Kensington Gardens
After the recent revamp of Kensington Palace, there are some gorgeous views to be had looking over the lake to the Palace.  Or you could retreat under the trees for a bit of peace and quiet.  Either way, you’re going to need a good traditional bike to fit in here.  We’d suggest a Pashley Guvnor



Lincoln Inn Fields
Smack bang in the centre of town, and the largest public square in London, this is a great place to meet friends.  With it’s traditional planting and quaint surroundings, you’re going to need a pretty bike to match.  We’d go for one of these Beg beauties



Hampstead Heath
A fantastic open space in North London, with plenty of space to roam.  Beautiful views back over Central London makes this park a wonderful place to stop with friends at the weekend.  It is however surrounded by some serious hills.  We’d therefore recommend a bike that will make light work of those hills, something like this Felt Bike


Hoxton Square
Over in East London, but close enough to the City to make it a good meeting point, sits Hoxton Square.  Rather packed of a sunny evening, but some great people watching.  You’ll need a nice fixed gear to fit in here, something like this stylish looking number from Tokyo Fixed Gear

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