Style the Cyclist: Inspiration from the past


Just a week until we accept entries for Style the Cyclist now.  Are you prepared?  Have you signed up to Pinterest?


We thought it would be fun this Friday to look back at some cycling fashion from previous eras.  Hopefully it will help give you some inspiration for the looks you create. We’ll start off with the Victorian era up until the 1940s and then next week will bring you some more recent snaps.

For some Victorian cycling inspiration, we came across the fantastic Old Bike website for this image of people cycling in Hyde Park- a slightly different look to what we see there today!

Cycling through Hyde Park in 1896

And jump forward to the 1920s, for some great bobs and jaunty cycling one pieces, found on Ruby’s Musings.

For the 1930s, cycling outfits seem to be just as skimpy. Check out the high waist on these shorts, from the Malvern Star via Vintage Everyday. We like the idea of the side by side tandem, don’t you? But we’re not sure how you’d coordinate the pedalling?!?

And for the final part of this week’s cycling through the ages, we hit the 1940s with some Hollywood stars on bikes from the ever inspiring Rides a Bike. We have Virginia Mayo riding an elegant bike in a great short suit, with Vera Ellen handing out chocolate. Isn’t Vera’s outfit fab? It actually could work today couldn’t it!?!

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