Style the Cyclist: inspiration for your weekend


Are you busy building your Pinterest boards for Style the Cyclist?  Make sure you tell your friends about it!


It is the perfect thing to do this weekend if the weather takes a turn for the worst.  Need some ideas for your board?  Then don’t forget to take a look at our interviews with Carolina and Sam.


And here are some fantastic websites that feature photos of some of the world’s most stylish cyclists to inspire your boards…


The Cycle Chic Originator in Copenhagen



From the ever inspiring Rapha Street Survey


And the most stylish street snapper, the Satorialist

Some London Cycle Style from Cycle Love



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  1. kanan says:

    Jun 7, 2012


    Sign me up! -> This is great. I am recovering from a major bike aednccit in July and was just thinking Culver City would be the PERFECT place to get folks together to make biking and our streets safer.I’ll be following along on your and LACBC’s blog, but if you have any announcement or requests, please don’t hesitate to email.Peace,Casey

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