Style the Cyclist: Carolina Bucci


Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to the first of our two personalities to be styled in our Style the Cyclist competition.


Carolina Bucci is a jewellery designer who creates some absolutely lust worthy pieces.  Originally from Florence, Carolina studied jewellery design in New York and now resides in London.  Her work is regulalry featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and W magazine.  Carolina has generously agreed to be styled by one of you in our Style the Cyclist competition and we thought you might find it useful to hear a bit more about her lifestyle.  Read on to find out more…



1.    What’s the most rewarding thing about being a jewellery designer?


The most rewarding thing is the moment when two or three unformed and vague ideas resolve themselves and begin to become a collection. I love that moment when inspiration becomes real.


2.   What is currently inspiring you in your designs and where do you get your inspiration from?


At the moment I am working on a collection that references different times of day – just as dusk is different to dawn, so different stones have different personalities and shape different moods. There is no set pattern to inspiration for my collections – the important thing is to be open to ideas, and carry a notebook. The worst place to work on collections is at the drawing board. I have just been on holiday in Mexico with my 2 sons, and watching them pick up shells at the sea’s edge I fixed on the patterns that the waves make when they dump pebbles on the beach. I am playing with those sketches at the moment for a couple of new pieces…


3.   You are from Florence – do lots of people cycle in there and are they stylish on two wheels?


Yes, people cycle in Florence, but it seems less of a statement somehow. In London, I encounter people who cycle to work who like to talk about it a lot. I love cycling but it should be a way to get around rather than a lifestyle. Also, there’ s a strange reverse snobbery in Italy, particularly somewhere like Forte dei Marmi where everybody cycles, where it’s most stylish to have the oldest, scruffiest bike. I haven’t encountered anything like that in London.


4.   How does London compare to Florence in terms of fashion and design?


Florence is a great place to realise how things are and can be made. You are surrounded by great craftmanship. But the outlook is that of a small, insular city. London is so much more vibrant and open to new ideas, and street fashion is much more diverse.


5.   Where is your favourite place in Kensington and Chelsea?


I love the Chelsea Physic Garden for its history and seriousness, as well as its aesthetic qualities. London does these special, eccentric places better than any other city in the world.


6.   How would you describe your London lifestyle?  




7.   How would you describe your own personal style?


I like to mix and match designer and fast fashion. I like flexibility and that’s why jewellery and accessories are so important for me. My days are rarely the same, and so I need clothes that can do many jobs. Breakfast with a magazine editor, appointment with a department store buyer and then school pickup, back to the office and then straight out to dinner.


8.   Which fashion and accessory designers do you most admire and like to wear?


I really admire Miuccia Prada because I get a real sense of a person rather than a personality behind the brand. And I love Missoni for the same reasons.


9.   What’s your favourite restaurant or bar in Kensington and Chelsea?


Yashin, a great sushi place.


10.                Have you been cycling in London and if so where?


I often use a Barclays bike to ride to work, and between appointments where possible. On a sunny morning a ride through Hyde Park is the perfect start to a day.


11.                What would persuade you to cycle or to cycle more often in London?


More dedicated cycle lanes and less rain.

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