Meet the Judge: Clothes Whisperer


This morning we’re catching up with one of our judges in Style the Cyclist, Kristin Knox.  Kristin is behind the fantastic blog, The Clothes Whisperer. She is one very stylish lady, who we know also happens to cycle. We thought you might want to find out more about her cycle style.


Kristin at our Style the Cyclist launch


1. How would you describe your style and does it differ when you get on two wheels? My style is laissez-faire cool, a kind of laid back urban style meets bohemian (once described as Gypsetter, I loved that). It doesn’t differ too much, though I have to check my love of maxi skirts/dresses, as there have been one or two unfortunate skirt-in-gears incidents. 


2. What is your favourite outfit for cycling? I must say either denim cut offs and a tee or a lovely full skirted summer dress, love that feeling of the skirt billowing in the wind.


3. Do you have any style forecasts for this summer? I think we’ll see a lot of bright color, neon will still be persisting (especially in highlighter jean form) and some fun 90′s influences.


4. What kind of bicycle do you ride and why? My last bike was a forest green vintage Raleigh Roadster–the pride and joy of my Oxford days. Alas it was stolen some time after I moved to the big city after I graduated :(  


5. Where do you enjoy riding? I love riding around West London, where I live. From my old flat in Notting Hill to Hyde Park, and now to Holland Park. I love running errands on my bike, don’t often go out for joyrides unless it’s an absolutely stunning day. In New York, I enjoy riding along the Hudson or East Rivers and tooling about the Villages East and West.


6. Describe your perfect day out on a bicycle? I’d have to say it’s either at the beach or sightseeing. I had a perfect day taking in the major sites as well as parks of Berlin by cycle last July, a really charming way to see a charming city on a sunny summer day. Of course, a handsome German cycling tour guide armed with a picnic by the lake was a plus.


7. Who would be your ideal person to style? Mara Rooney is my current girl crush, but I’d also love to dress women of power, to see how far we can reintroduce femininity into a female politician’s sartorial repertoire. Just because they work with the boys, doesn’t mean they have to dress them! Hillary, for one, could really use some help.


8. What motivated you to start blogging? A lack of jobs and hiring freeze across print media when I finished school! I was so anti-blog at that time, wanted desperately to work in print and thought of my blog at first as an online portfolio to build until opportunities opened up again.


9. What are some of your highlights since launching Clothes Whisperer? My travels, definitely my travels. I get to go to so many places and meet so many interesting people, one of my all-time favourite experiences was a trip to Cairo last summer and I’m currently in Russia for the first time right now! Publishing my books has been great, but also the opportunity to teach and lecture. I gave my first ever public lecture to over 300 people at the V&A, that was a trip!


10. We notice you travel a lot. Which cities do you think are home to the most stylish cyclists? All those small central and northern European cities. The Stockholmians look like an Acne campaign styled to cycle en masse round the city. Berliners are hipsters on two wheels and nowhere are women more chic when they cycle than Paris (baguette in wicker basket, si’l vous plait!)

You can see what Kristin chose for her ideal cycling outfit here.

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