Cycle Shorts: How To Make Your Own Helmet Camera Mount


Yesterday we uploaded a video that showed you how to build an inexpensive bicycle camera mount in case you were looking to shoot some on the road footage for your Cycle Shorts entry. And today we are thinking about capturing the cyclist’s bird’s eye view with a helmet mount.


Here is a video that shows you how to make one at home. Want to try?



We also found this video that shows you how to make a helmet mount that allows the camera to shoot the cyclist face on. This helmet is however for a motorcyclist but we are wondering if it would be possible to adapt this structure for a bicycle helmet.


Do you have any thoughts on how we could so this?



There’s a month to go until the Cycle Shorts deadline and we can’t wait to see your entries. We hope you’re all having fun making your short films!


  1. Cycle Assist says:

    May 15, 2012


    Nice! Love the second one, I can imagine that would be really cool for downhill mountain biking as well.

    • RBKC says:

      May 15, 2012


      That’s a great idea! Do you think the weight at the back would be ok for a bicycle helmet or perhaps it would just be a case of finding a lighter one?

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