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When Spring eventually shows it’s face again and we have some nice sunny days, many of the ladies in London will be breaking out their flouncy skirts. So how do we avoid this happening?

Sarah Miles gets her skirt stuck in her chain.

*Image borrowed from Rides a Bike
The answer my friends is the humble chain and skirt guard. Most European bikes come with these additions as a standard, and indeed our Dutch colleagues find it hillarious that we’d ever ride without them. But if your trusty steed didn’t come with these handy contraptions what do you do? Rather than having to wrap your dress up or hold it as you ride, why not invest in a chain and skirt guard for the Spring. Your local bike shop should sell a few good varieties.
Of course you could always get crafty and make your own chain guard, and if that’s too much effort then you could buy one direct from the Netherlands via this website.

Simeli Skirt Guard

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  1. liz says:

    Apr 23, 2012


    The other handy thing about a chain guard is it keeps your chain a bit better protected from the elements, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it getting rusty if you get caught in the rain!

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