West London Open Sessions


What are you planning to do tomorrow night?  Nothing on the tellie?  We have a plan to put some excitement into your week. We’ve teamed up with the London Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Association to bring you some taster sessions down at the Westway Sports Centre .  Even if you just fancy watching, why not pop down for a look?

Not sure what goes on at a Bike Polo game? Take a look at these films by Brooks. Looks pretty ace if you ask us. The guys at the Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Association tell us Bike Polo is one of the few sports that you can pick up and be playing in a World Championship within just a couple of years.

And in case you’re wondering, there are some pretty awesome women playing the London circuit. Check out this inspiring clip of Hells Belles…

Well, we’re sold. What about you? Click here for more information.

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