A stylish take on the London cycling scene


Good morning folks!  We hope you had a fantastic weekend.  London Fashion Week is in full swing now… have you been keeping an eye on the street style photos?  There are some great outfits being paraded outside the shows.  Seeing as it’s now London’s turn, we thought we’d ask the gorgeous Lady Velo to let us know what she thinks about London cycling fashion.  Have you seen her blog?  It’s so inspiring!

The photo for the recent City Cycle Style


“I always love the buzz around London Fashion Week: the excitement of seeing what new designers come up with, making note of the incredible trends, and where possible, adding a few pieces from that week to my clothing collection.

A chic casual look for weekend riding.


As a fashion-conscious cyclist in London, to me the word that best describes London’s Cycle-Chic has to be “eclectic” – there is a real mix within this scene which should come as no surprise: according to TFL, around half a million journeys are made by bike in London each day – that’s quite a lot Londoners on two wheels! With numbers like that, this city can proudly boast of having a large fashionable cycling population.

Proving her point... eclectic and stylish!


Those who know me are aware that Fashion & Cycling are a huge part of my life: I enjoy taking pride in my appearance every day, which always crosses over to when I’m on my Bicycle. Riding never stops me from updating my style and never prevents me from indulging in a bit of London Fashion Week too!

Gorgeous summery look


I don’t think there is a particular way to “fit-in” when it comes to the London Cycling Scene… for me, it’s about wearing what you want & feeling comfortable and confident when you do it . I enjoy wardrobe remixing way too much to confine myself to one particular look – mixing up what I already have with gorgeous pieces from the new season (and of course, remaining safe at the same time) makes me happy.

Looking absolutely stunning!


London is without a doubt one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and LFW celebrates this, with real burst of individuality in the designs that come through. I say when it comes to cycling in this city, embrace those same elements of individuality… there is nothing better than seeing a London cyclist making their fashion-mark on two wheels.”

So folks, which is your favourite look? And what do you think of London cycling fashion?

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