A Jolly Good Ride


Welcome back Bikeminded folk! How was your weekend? We joined the Tweed Run on Saturday and had a smashing time. People really went to town with their outfits and we clocked some fabulous looks. From the gorgeous vintage outfits, to modern interpretations of the Tweed look, there were some top people watching opportunities. There was of course a lot of Rugby Ralph Lauren sported by a few models and some familiar faces from Made in Chelsea. But generally there was just a load of people who had made a massive effort to look beautiful.


We turned up in Covent Garden around 10am to admire the other riders and meet up with friends. It was great fun to see people showing off the bicycles that the had clearly spent an age working on. We saw some amazing Mercians, Feathers and a load of Pashleys. Not a single penny farthing this time though. 

Lining up outside the Rugby store in Covent Garden


Some rather dapper chaps setting off from Covent Garden


We made our way around Covent Garden and through Central London, taking in the sights and delighting the tourists. Most people reacted very well to being held up by 700 tweed clad cyclists. That probably had a lot to do with the smiles on our faces, and the sheer range of cyclists out- from little kids to dapper chaps, and the odd dog too!



Some very stylish boys!


There were some familiar faces along the way.

Mr Ibikelondon and Lady Velo


Amy from Cyclodelic with Chris Delia from Fixed Gear London, and Suzy Lau from Style Bubble in the background


Miss Erin O'Connor and other models in Ralph Lauren


We made our way through Hyde Park and across Chelsea to Royal Avenue for the tea stop we sponsored. We had a nice cuppa, and enjoyed having a chat with our fellow cyclists.


Time for tea at Royal Avenue

Before heading off for a ride along the Embankment, over the bridge and back to Belgravia.


We finished off with tea and a dance at the Caledonian Club, a gorgeous members club in Belgravia.


Although tweed-less, this lady looked fabulous!


Must take some dancing lessons before the April Tweed Run!

Thanks so much to Ted and Jacqui from the Tweed Run for organising such a wonderful day!

*All photos courtesy of Ben Bloomfield

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