Monday Madness: win a haircut by a top hair stylist


Happy Monday everyone!  This week we have a fantastic start to the week for you.  Over at The Notebook, we’re running a competition with Innocent Drinks and Kell Skott Haircare to give you have the chance to win one amazing prize… a hair cut from one of the Royal Borough’s top hair stylists, Kell Skott. We’re not making it easy for you though, you’ll have to guess how many Innocent drinks Kell can fit in his Brompton pannier.  Pop over to The Notebook to enter before 31 October.


How many Innocent drinks are in the pannier?


Last week our friends at Kell Skott gave us some useful ideas for preventing helmet hair, but what about those of us who don’t wear a helmet?  This week we’re going to find out which hairstyles are best for arriving at your destination looking stylish.  We often arrive with a look that can best be described as ‘windswept’ so are super excited to get some inspiration for new styles. 


In the meantime, lets look at what styles other cyclists are rocking…

Local resident Elle Macpherson is right on trend with her high ponytail.


Or Helena Christensen modelling the current vogue for the top knot.

Perhaps the answer is getting the right haircut- Mariella doesn’t seem to have any problems with her bob.

What about you? What is your favourite hairstyle this Autumn?

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