Dez O’Neill’s cultural journey


My daily cycles are mainly local around Portobello where I live. So I decided on a cultural trip to Tate Britain for a long cycle to catch the Miro exhibition as it was coming to an end.


Dez O'Neill and his Electra


A cycle from Notting Hill to Tate Britain is mostly through trees and grass and by the Serpentine of Hyde Park. Entering the park just past Notting Hill Gate is a nice cycle down the wide cycle and pedestrian route past Kensington Palace. I like the Georgian architecture of the palace building and sometimes pop in to the fabulous garden, unnoticeable if you don’t know it.


A bell is essential use for cyclists to assist the tourists to move aside on the shared pedestrian cycle route down to Hyde Park Corner. The current pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery is well worth a stop for a quick coffee and a wonder at the space.


Kensington Palace


Waiting for the traffic lights to change at Hyde Park Corner a gathering of panting and puffing helmeted cyclists wait catching their breath after speeding through the park. They look straight ahead under starters orders. When the traffic lights change there’re off at high speed avoiding each other and pedestrians as they zoom under the arch.


The cycle route continues through Green Park to Buckingham Palace. I usually check the flag to see if the Queen is in. Often on Sundays the Mall is closed to traffic The car free enjoyment is a treat. Cycling through Trafalgar Square past Charring Cross station and over Waterloo Bridge with its stunning views of London you eventually find yourself at Tate Modern.


One of my favourite cycles. Even more enjoyable cruising with the wide handlebars on my ‘bike hero’ Dutch bike.

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