Riding the cycle lanes of Riga


Our funding for Bikeminded comes from our CARMA EU project, with our partners in five other European cities. As part of that agreement, we get to go and visit our partners and see what cycling is like in their part of the world.

Last week we had the pleasure of hopping over to Riga.  It was interesting because although in our previous meetings, our colleagues in Riga have expressed their concern about the lack of cycle facilities in Riga, we found there to be some excellent new facilities that put ours to shame. One of the biggest areas they need to work on is cycle parking. We didn’t see a lot of it but they are working hard with local businesses to meet the growing demand. We were also impressed with the emerging cycling culture and some impressive Riga cycle chic.


The new cycle lanes in Riga.


In Riga about 2% of people cycle.  That certainly felt like a few less than here in Kensington and Chelsea where around 5% of people cycle, but there were also far fewer cars, so cycling on less congested roads was a treat. The old town has cobble stones, which was a new and rather bumpy experience, with some gorgeous little streets to discover.


The pretty cobbled streets in the old town, and some adhoc cycle parking


We were taken around by our friend Janis, who hired some Baltic Bikes and took us to see their new cycle path.

Baltic Bikes, the Boris Bike of Riga


Janis showing us the new cycle route.


And to show off Cafe Velo, which is a fantastic cycling cafe in the heart of Riga.  We need one of those!

Cafe Velo

Our next visit is to Budapest in April, where we’ll be taking part in a 20,000 cyclist critical mass, and will of course report back so you don’t miss out!

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  1. Cristina says:

    Oct 13, 2011


    The whole experience in Riga was very interesting, especially because we had a first-hand knowledge on how they are starting both to build the infrastructure and the communication activities to the citizenship.

    Hope to see you in Budapest (and then finally to my city, Parma!!! Can’t promise anything about a VeloCafè in Parma as well though!!)


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