Golf clubs and umbrellas… what do you carry on your bike?


Our Bike Heroes project is now coming to and end so we are checking in with our heroes to see how they got on this past couple of months.

So first up, how has Cheyne Voss, top physio at TenPhysio got on with his Electra.


Cheyne and his Electra


“I have treated my Electra to some great journeys over the past few weeks!


I have been riding my Electra as if I was racing in the Tour de France. I have climbed Kensington Church Street or the south end of Ladbroke Grove many times, racing all the other cyclists and most of the busses as if I was chasing the king of the mountains jersey. Not only does my Electra look good, it’s also surprisingly light and fast!

The longest of all my rides I have done was over the last weekend in the beautiful Indian summer weather, when I rode from Kensington through Hyde Park all the way up to Islington to watch the New Zealand Warriors rugby league team play in the NRL final at a friend’s house. Whoever said my Electra was a town bike… I managed to average more than 20 km/h!

Perhaps the stupidest thing I have done on the bike was one Friday riding home from work in the pouring rain I thought I’d pop up my umbrella and carry on riding. Worked a treat, not only did I stay partly dry but most cars probably thought I was bonkers and gave me a wide aisle.

One afternoon I decided I would ride to the driving range at Dukes Meadows to hit some balls as I thought my Townie would be a better option than taking 2 buses and with a decent walk to follow. So off I went with 5 golf clubs under my arm – an excellent test of balance and co-ordination. By mistake I found a brilliant bike track that runs from Hammersmith west, all the way along the river to the golf course – a must for all London cyclists.

The Electra on its outing to Hyde Park


So all and all not only have I had a great time riding my Electra, it’s got me safely to where I need to go quickly and on time, give me some extra fitness training, got me to and from work arriving fresh after pumping some blood around my body (not to mention the fresh air) but perhaps the best thing, I have hardly taken public transport and therefore saved more than £150 just travelling to work alone.


Londoners, get out on your bikes!!!!”


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