Bike Heroes Finissage


We can’t believe how quickly the past two months has gone. It seems like only yesterday we were handing over shiny new Bromptons, Moultons and Electras to our Bike Heroes. But all good things unfortunately come to an end, and yesterday we held our Bike Heroes Finissage.


Sharing cycling tales at the Aubrey Bar


We had the pleasure of working with the Aubrey Bar at the Kensington Hotel, who put on a fantastic party for us.  They made themed cocktails for each of the bicycles, our favourite being the Moulton Martini.  Mmmm.


The Brompton cocktail


Our heroes came together and swapped stories from the past couple of months, and talked about new cycling adventures they have planned.  Nearly all of the heroes have decided to buy their bikes, so will continue cycling, and continue to share their adventures with us.  It was just wonderful to hear how they had caught the cycling bug and how much they’ve been enjoying their two wheels.  We can’t wait to hear more!

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Brompton, Moulton and Electra for generously loaning us the bicycles, and being so supportive of Bikeminded.

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  1. Dave Holladay says:

    Oct 22, 2011


    Time to check out the option of long term hire/leasing of bikes. The deal is that you get a bike with all the little hassles about maintenance and breakdowns covered – effectively you buy a bike equivalent of an Oyster card you get to travel when & where you want and buy ‘bike’ as the way you want to do it. With Car Clubs like Zipcar and City Car Club offering much the same deal for motoring – you buy what you need rather than paying for 24/7 car ownership, and you can also choose from a low cost 3-door mini through BMW 3 and 5 series and 7-seaters to a 1-ton van.

    Brompton Dock has a pilot site for a 24/7 bike hire service with SW Trains at Guildford, having trialled Brompton leasing since may 2009 for SWT commuters at Waterloo (all the bikes are distinctively in SWT colours, and there are also Virgin Trains Easy Rider bikes in the pipeline) Brompton Dock (a separate company running the scheme) is negotiating with partners to site more units, particularly in the London area in 2012.

    The whole package deal lends itself to a way that an employer can offer a 20% boost to an employee’s disposable income at a stroke, with potentially minimal tax liability for the benefit provided (car club, bike hire, taxi account) Happy to work on this with any significant employers in the UK, as I’ve been ploughing the furrow of buying travel in the same multi-mode option as you already do for energy and telecoms services. One point of purchase and a monthly direct debit for all your rail, bus, car and cycle use…. Roughly how I’ve been working since 1976 when I stopped owning a car full time.

    Want to work with me on this?

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