The Bicycle Theives


So, what happens when you leave a shiny new Moulton in the back seat of your car?  David Higgins from TenPilates finds out…


“Disaster strikes. My new Moulton TRS 9 has been stolen from my car! As I try to remain calm, I am so frustrated not just at the copious damage to my car but at the lost freedom my bike allows me. Moulton and I had grown very attached over the last 2 months, so you can imagine my utter delight when Moulton Bicycle Company offered me a replacement. The dream team united again.


David with the bike that was stolen.


Since receiving the new bike in August, I have loved whizzing around town. It’s fantastic for doing a Ten tour round all our studios, from Notting Hill, to Mayfair via Chiswick and ending up in St. James. The few sunny spells we’ve enjoyed have brought with them new pleasures of the ‘leisurely cycle’. My favourite has been along the Grand Canal, in the sunshine on a Sunday.


Cycling along the Grand Union Canal


This glorious second summer that has just arrived has filled me with new excitement; I admit as much as I love Cardiolates (my spin classes @ TENPILATES), I had been hoping for a few more weeks of outdoor riding, and now we have it. 


So the highs and lows of August and September have been extreme but I am extraordinarily glad to have been reunited with my trusty side-kick.”


And the message to be taken from that story… don’t store a beautiful bike in your car!  And that Moulton is a very nice company indeed.

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