Autumn Safety Tips


So, the lights go back this Sunday and you’ve probably noticed that its getting dark earlier and earlier. This means one thing to us… lights. Making sure our lights are working and we always have a spare set handy. We’ve asked our Cycle Trainer Rupert Gardener to give us some safety tips for Autumn so that all of us Bikeminded folk can be prepared for cycling in the dark.

Rupert guiding us on our first Cake and Coffee Tour


“The key thing I’d like to stress is about making sure other road users can see you, so my tips for today are about making yourself visible when cycling in the dark.


1. Wear light coloured clothing.  You could also add reflectives OR put on a Hi-Vis waistcoat. If using a backpack, why not put on a bright reflective cover.


2. The safest combination of lights would be to use 2 front lights ( one flashing and one constant beam to light your way ) and 2 rear lights ( flashing and constant ).   But as a minimum you need a front white light and  a rear red light.  You should also have a rear reflector.


3. When joining a main road, take an extra few seconds to judge the speed and distance of other road users before starting off.”

Thanks Rupert. What about you, what are your safety tips for cycling in the dark?

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