Guest post: review of the Moulton TSR2


When I heard that I had been selected to be a Bike Hero, along with my colleague at the V&A Eric, I knew I wanted the Moulton.

The fight for the Moulton begins...


I already have 4 bikes, and have a Brompton that has served me well around the globe for the last 6 years or so, but a Moulton seemed like a mythical beast to me, something quite different in the bicycle world. When I searched for details on the model, the TSR 2, I was surprised to find many entries on a BAC fighter – not entirely inappropriate as both machines employ cutting edge design and technology of their respective eras. It has been great fun seeing people stop and stare at the bike, and it has started many conversations so far.


The Moulton outside the V&A


So what makes the TSR 2 so special? Well it looks like it might be a folding bike, and it does come apart at the mid point in the frame, but that frame design and integral suspension is all about stiffness and comfort. Even though the bike has small wheels I have found that it glides over the rough roads of London.

Paul and Eric demonstrating the Moulton's special feature


Apart from the classic Moulton frame the bike has some very clever features. There is no chain! Instead there is a belt drive – no oil, nice and clean. Note the lack of cables – the rear hub has a coaster (kick back) brake which is great. I particularly like the coaster brake when approaching junctions and making turns, I can brake with complete control and have my hands free to signal. But that little hub has an extra secret – free wheel and pedal back gently and you will hear a little click and you change between the two gears. This bike has all the advantages of a single speed fixie but with an extra gear for the hills and you can free-wheel when you need to. You will always be first away at the traffic lights in the lower gear.

The riding position is fairly upright and very comfortable and when I went down to Chiswick the other night to get the photos of the bike next to the lifeboats I found myself doing a round trip of nearly 20 miles without any problems.

The Moutlon on the dock


Considering the fact that many of us live in small flats and may only be able to keep one bike the Moulton is the perfect London bike – take it apart and hang it in the wardrobe, put it together and you can ride all day in complete confidence and comfort.



  1. Larhonda says:

    Jul 31, 2013


    Awesome article.

  2. Jono says:

    Sep 27, 2013


    But how does this bike perform on hills? I`m a commuting cyclist travelling into town from the countryside, with a mile long hill?

  3. moafaq says:

    Jun 22, 2014


    Wish I find this on Gumtree or Ebay. RRP is so high and no offers in shops!

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